Much more than just an app for schools

Implement the ultimate safety tool at your centre and gain peace of mind, ensuring families that their children will always be picked up by the people they have authorised.

They are already using Qualla

Who is Qualla for?

Any centre that provides activities for children, such as sports venues, camps, extracurricular activities, language schools or kids’ clubs in hotels and resorts.
Sports centres
Summer camps
Extracurricular clubs

Full control over arrivals and dismissals of children

Qualla adapts to the needs of any activity involving unaccompanied children. It is an affordable solution to managing the arrivals and dismissals of children quickly and safely, no matter the activity.

When it comes to running our organisation, Qualla Kids has allowed us
to take a qualitative leap forward in planning, running and managing our
events. Having all the information on activities and participants stored neatly
in one place streamlines keeping track of any changes.

It also adds extra image, diligence, professionalism and modernity, which are
essential values at Terrassa Sports Club.

Vicenç Pujol
IT Director Terrassa Hockey Sports Club

It has made it easier for us to monitor attendance and control sports, leisure and canteen activities. Its digital nature means that handling all day-to-day mishaps is hassle-free and safe.

Joan Tarré
Manager of European Hockey Schools Tournament, Terrassa Hockey Sports Club

Qualla Kids has brought security and peace of mind to drop-offs and pick-ups of the participants of our activities at Terrassa Sports Club, specifically at the Summer Camp. Both families and all the staff running the activities have given highly positive feedback.

Estela Garcia
Director of the Terrassa Hockey Sports Club Summer Camp

Despite being a small school, we have numerous professionals as well as teachers and supervisors of various activities on our premises so Qualla has given us security and peace of mind when it comes to dismissing our pupils. Now we can be sure that they leave with someone of trust.

Mónica Frau
Secretary and Head of Extracurricular Activities SAN AGUSTÍN SCHOOL (Palma de Mallorca)

We started using Qualla this year and it works wonders. Very convenient and very efficient in terms of notifications—a guaranteed stress buster!

And the enthusiasm that you ooze is certainly transferred to the product!

Eduard Carreras
Qualla Parent User

Qualla app is very intuitive and easy to navigate, both for users and for the teaching and administration staff.
It adds security and efficiency to monitoring our pupils’ attendance and dismissals.
The customer service team is fantastic, they are always on hand to answer any queries.

Elena Colell
Administration & Finance OAK HOUSE SCHOOL (Barcelona)

On the one hand, as an extracurricular organisation, it helps us a lot in terms of internal arrangements and control. We have 25 supervisors who look after 1,200 pupils a week, mainly primary-age children, and with Qualla we can keep constant track of all drop-outs and sign-ups. On the other hand, it gives us legal security and a full guarantee for families. We have been using it since last January (2022) and the outcome so far has been highly positive. Parents and guardians are very happy and reassured by the proper care they receive.

Jaume Català
CEO ROBOTIX BALEARS (Palma de Mallorca)

Canteen management with Qualla

If your centre offers canteen services, Qualla will also help you have complete control and save time, cutting down on administrative tasks.
The family can register their child through the app
They communicate that they want to use the canteen service either on a regular or one-off basis.
There is a menu choice
The family chooses a menu for their child.
Communication of allergies and intolerances
The family informs the canteen of the food that their child cannot eat.
The kitchen prepares the menus for the canteen service accordingly
With just a click, the kitchen staff compiles information on the number and menus required.

No more hassle, no more inconvenience

Control arrivals and dismissals with a single click
Manage attendance control and speed up the dismissals safely.
Always know the authorised collecting persons
Check whether the person that has come to pick up the child is authorised.
Streamlined communication
Say goodbye to calls, WhatsApp messages, e-mails and permission slips.

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The family’s peace of mind is what matters most

Say goodbye to calls, WhatsApp messages, e-mails and permission slips.

An app that solves all problems with a single click

Direct communication with the centre
The family can authorise new collecting persons, register their children for the canteen service, choose a menu or sign authorisations. All without the need for calls, WhatsApp messages, e-mails and permission slips.
No last-minute misunderstandings
The app helps to avoid possible misunderstandings related to dismissals or the canteen service.
Keeping families in the loop at all times
The family will receive a push notification with any information the centre wants to share with them regarding their child.

Families receive an automatic push notification

At dismissal time, the family automatically receives a notification with the time and name of the person who has picked up their child.