Picking up children from educational centers is a critical moment that requires the utmost attention to safety. This article discusses how schools can improve their procedures to ensure that only authorized persons pick up children.

Identifying the Risks in Child Pick-Up

The traditional management of child pick-up, based on physical cards and lists, presents various challenges. Changes in authorized persons throughout the school year, disputes between separated parents, and the lack of adequate records are common problems. These factors increase the risk of errors and can have serious consequences for the children's safety and the school's reputation.

Strategies to Improve Safety in Educational Centers

  • Use of Technology: Implement digital platforms that allow parents to update authorized persons in real time, conveniently and with immediate updates. Solutions like Qualla Kids provide tools to manage these authorizations efficiently and securely, saving a lot of time for the centers.
  • Identity Verification: Use systems that include photos of authorized persons for pick-up. This facilitates identification by school staff and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Detailed Records: Maintain a log of who picks up the children and when. This log can be invaluable in case of disputes or incidents, providing clear evidence of protocol compliance.

Benefits of Implementing Digital Solutions

Digital systems offer multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency: Reduction in the time and effort needed to manage child pick-up, both for families and the center.
  • Safety: Greater accuracy in identifying authorized persons.
  • Transparency: A clear and accessible record of all pick-ups made.

Sant Nicolau: The School Where Qualla Kids Was Born

Sant Nicolau is a school in Sabadell that helped develop Qualla Kids, and after several years of using this solution, they can no longer do without it.

Marta Plans, the Coordinator of Infant and Primary Education at Sant Nicolau, states: “Qualla Kids provides safety and peace of mind to families and the school in the process of picking up the children, in an agile and quick manner.

After implementing Qualla Kids, the school significantly improved the pick-up process, streamlining it and providing greater confidence and peace of mind to families. One mother comments: “Seeing the teachers click on the screen gives me a lot of security because I know they are in control and will never hand over my daughter to a person not authorized by me or my husband.”

Before using Qualla Kids, the school frequently faced problems with updating authorizations and verifying the identity of people who had never picked up a student before. With the implementation of Qualla Kids, the school can now manage authorizations in real time and has a detailed record of all pick-ups, which has significantly improved safety and parent satisfaction.

GDPR Compliance

Compliance with data protection regulations, such as the GDPR, is essential. Digital solutions must ensure that personal data is handled securely and in accordance with the law. Qualla Kids complies with all data protection regulations, offering peace of mind to both schools and parents.

More Safety, More Peace of Mind

Improving the safety of child pick-up is a crucial responsibility for educational centers. The implementation of digital solutions like Qualla Kids can transform the way this process is managed, providing greater safety and efficiency.

At Qualla Kids, we are committed to helping schools provide a safe and calm environment for children and their families.