For families

  • Choose, add and remove collecting persons.

  • Sign permission forms for trips and outings.

  • Receive information directly from the centre or from the supervisors.

  • Register the child for the canteen on the days when it’s needed.

For teachers and supervisors

  • Manage the entry and dismissal of children in a matter of seconds, regardless of volume.

  • Communicate directly with the family when necessary.

  • Quickly check which pupils are staying for lunch in school, as well as allergies and dietary requirements.

For the kitchen

  • Know exactly what and how many menus are needed in real time.

  • Check dietary requirements and allergies at the touch of a button.

  • Create a record of menus for invoicing.

  • Forget e-mails or inconsistent communications—everything is done with one click.

Request your free demo! 

The centre can request a free and non-binding 30-day demo and enjoy the benefits of Qualla. A member of our team will oversee the demo and offer any type of assistance that may be needed.