I’ve received a code—what is it?

The code you’ve received is unique, personal and non-transferable. This is a security code that’ll allow you to proceed with logging into your account. You will then have to provide a username (which will be your e-mail address) and a password of your choice which you have to enter twice. This password is only known to you.

Is the password the same as the code I’ve received?

Can I share the code I’ve received with other parents?

Do I have to nominate a collecting person every day?

Why do I have to upload photos?

What should the photos I upload be like?

Why do you have to submit an ID card? This

Must the collecting person have the app?

Why am I not receiving notifications? This could be for the following reasons:

Both parents have the same e-mail address—is this a problem?

Do I have to indicate the collecting person the moment the pupil is being picked up?

Can I do it on my mobile phone or should it always be done on a tablet?

What happens if someone who comes to pick up the pupil does not seem authorised by the parents in the app?

What should I do if someone replaces me at dismissal time?

Can I send children to the canteen if no one has picked them up at lunchtime?

How do I know and how do I indicate what allergy a child has if I send them to the canteen from the classroom?

If a child leaves for any reason just before lunchtime, can I remove them from the canteen?

If a message has been sent to the family from the dining room or another class, can I know it as the pupil’s teacher?

Can I send messages to every family?

Can I send messages to a whole class?

Are the messages always push?

Can I send pupils to a virtual classroom directly from my classroom?

Can I send children to a non-contracted virtual classroom?

Do I have to upload photos of pupils?

What do I do if a parent does not want to use the app?

How can I check who has come to pick up a student if someone else comes to pick them up after they have left?

If I have staff changes, or one teacher must replace another, how can I see who the collecting persons are for the children in that class?

If a judge asks me to, can I know all the persons who have picked up a pupil during the school year?

Can I get canteen lists to know the amount to invoice?

Can Qualla be integrated with the platform that the school already has in place?

What makes Qualla stand out from the platform we’re already using?

Can I upload data from the platform that the centre already has?

How do I comply with the GDPR regarding data protection?